Today was the dreaded leg day for me today!  Why is leg day so terrible? Well in all reality, its probably not,, well maybe besides the fact that if you have a great leg day, you will be thinking about it for days after! lol! I managed to get through my week 3 leg workout! The first week I did this it took me 2 hours!  Today it was much quicker! And a lot less harder. Thats good, bc now I know I can push it up a notch on the next one :).  I think the hardest part of leg day is knowing my form is right. Knees not over toes,, check, push with heels check!  Taking the time to know your form is very important. The last thing I need is a knee injury. That would be aweful!  I was unable to do cardio this morning, for 2 reasons.. My legs needed a break, and I didnt have enough time.  Thank goodness my kids have volleyball tonight, so I can do some much needed cardio.. Im thinking about the row machine, as this will give my legs a little. 

8/8/2012 01:37:35 am

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