The workouts are good, the cardio up,, food is right on, So why am I not loosing weight? In fact,, the weight on the scale has gone up!! I take a look back at what I have been eating,, and wait,,, I figured it out.. The protien I am using is not supporting the workout I am doing.. A protien with 600 calories, 76 grams of carbs, and 46 grams of protien does not support fat loss. This is not good.
 How do you pick a protien?  Well in all honesty, I tell people to try many different ones out, and find one they can acually stomach. There are so many different kinds on the market, where do you start?  I personally have tried many. I have also found many good tasting protiens that support my workouts. But for some reason I let my taste take control, and that can be a bad thing.  
 Of course, who doesnt want to loose weight? I think the majority of us do.  But there are few out there wanting to pack on muscle, and buff up :).  Adding muscle to your body is no easy task. First comes the heavy, tough workouts, then comes the eating!! I mean you have to take in alot of protien and carbs, to support growing muscle. This is where supplementing comes in. It would be very difficult to get enough protien through food alone. Protien powder is a good way to supplement the quantity of protien needed to support muscle growth
  When trying to loose weight, or fat,  a protein with lower calories, fat, and carbohydrates would be best.  Loosing weight is really a simple equation. I didnt say it was easy to do, I said scientifically its easy. Calories in vs calories out.  Keeping tract of calories can get quite difficult. Do you actually know how many calories were in that cheeseburger you had for lunch today?  It can actually be looked up, but by knowing what goes in your body before you actually eat it can be a great tool in loosing weight. 
  So in conclusion, Protien powder can be a great tool in aiding fat loss, or muscle growth. Just make sure you pick the right one for your individual goals.  If you could use any help picking out the right protien for you, feel free to contact me!
6/9/2010 04:50:03 am

I never really got to the point of counting calories. What i DID do was go to more veggies and fruits and switched my portions to emphasize those things and minimized protein and grains. I still eat them (protein and grains), but I really try to eat more of teh veggies and fruits. And in less thana year, as a triathlete, I dropped another 20-25 lbs...feels awesome!

new to your blog, as well. Good shtuff


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