I posted a recipe using Shirataki noodles.. I was quite nervous about trying this recipe, as I have never tried these type of noodles before.. For those of you not familiar with them,, they are very low carb, low calorie, gelatinous noodles made from elephant yams,,,. Yeah,, weird.. But hey Im game to try new stuff if it means i am cutting calories, and still able to enjoy pasta, or things I might not normally eat too much of, because of its nutrient value..
I made the recipe I posted recently,, alfredo type noodles, w a creamlike sauce.. As soon as I opened the pack of noodles,, I knew it was going to be bad.. OMG, the smell was soo bad.. So i soaked the noodles, like directed, and followed the recipe to a T,, and well,, lets just say they were not eaten,, and lets just say when I set them outside for my cats,, they were not touched..
There are so many products out there, healthier, less calories,, fat free, sugar free,, and on and on.. But I would rather eat less, or a healthier version of the normal.. There are ways to eat healthy without depriving yourself of the NORM.. I think my favorite pasta right now is Barilla plus. Although i dont eat a lot of pasta,, its nice to have on  occasion..
FEEDBACK,,, let me know if you have a favorite health food.. Its good to share in the wealth of health :)
This week is spring break for my kids.. We took a trip to Busch Gardens for 2 days, and had a great time :).. I did lots of walking, and not so much eating.. But I did manage to have a drink.. We stayed at a nice hotel with an awesome pool!  very big, and heated.. The kids had a blast , and i was actually able to sit and chill for a bit.. This chilling also included a tall pina colada, topped with a little blue umbrella and fresh pinneapple.  Now pina coladas arent my favorite, but it wasn bad, and it deffinately did the trick..  So drinking by the pool might be relaxing,, but probably not the best thing to do while sitting in a bikini.. I mean drinking calories doesnt make sense to me.. I would much rather eat my calories.. So I found a recipe for pina coladas in my Hungry Girl recipe book.. So here it is...
Pina Colada Freeze
1 1/2 oz coconut rum
1 1/2 oz sugar free calorie free coconut syrup
1/4 c fat free vanilla ice cream
1 Tbsp canned crushed pinneapple in juice
1 no calorie sweetener
1 cup crushed ice
Place all ingredients in blender and mix till completely blended.
156 calories, 18g carbs, 12g sugar, 2 g protien

 Now I wouldnt have too many of these,, so sip slow :) But enjoy yourself,, there are always way to substitue things, you just have to be creative .. have a great spring break!
For most of us, Spring break is officially here.. I hope you remembered to set your clock back.. I just came in from outside, and its a bit chilly,, My heat is running.. But It is supposed to warm up to the 80s all week.. I have missed the warm weather, and I am glad its finally trying to warm up..
So are you ready for the warm weather?  Are you ready to put that bikini on and take a stroll on the beach?  I hope everyone has been working hard at their goals.. There will always be some type of deadline,, to lose that last 5-10 lbs,, or to tone up for spring break.. Or to look amazing on that summer cruise.. Whatever the goal might be,, just stay focused on bettering yourself everyday.. Staying fit is not a time crunch,, its an everyday challenge..
I hope everyone has a great spring break!  I am taking the kids to Busch Gardens 2 days, and to the beach another.. What is Spring break without the beach?..Cant wait to walk along the beach in my bikini :).. I have worked hard, and im ready to relax, and take in the beauty of nature.  To all of you,, keep working hard, and maybe ill see you at the beach! :)
For all of us in Florida, Spring break is only a week away.. Many of us have set goal;s to drop a couple pounds, to be swimsuit ready fro srping break.. Well ,,, Did you make it?  I know I am so ready for spring break. I love taking time with the kids, and going to the beach, or hang by the pool.  I have not quite met my weight goal, but I do feel pretty confident in myself. 
Today I think I might go in search of a swim suit.  This is not an easy task!  Not all suits are created equal! It seems suits are made with less fabric than they used to be, which makes for more motivation to actually get into one. I think we are given such a high standard to live up to. Many of us have children, which means we wont be laying on the beach chair all day, we will be up chasing kids. So finding the suit that allows us to run around is quite the challenge. 
If you have not quite made your goals, keep reaching for them.  Summer break will be here before we know it! Keep your cardio up, and your food under control! Keep the image of that bikini in your mind.. That should deffiantely keep you motivated!