Do you workout with your family?  Your Husband or Wife?  Your son? Daugther?  Boyfriend? Girlfriend?  Today I saw a whole family working out together.  No they were not walking on the treadmill, or playing basketball ( which is good!)  they were in the squat rack!  A mother, father, and 2 sons were doing squats together,, One would do a set, then the next, until they all went, and then repeated.  I was really amazed!  Its not often you see a whole family weight training together.  Yeah I see the occasional Father/ son working out,, but the whole family?  not often.
Yesterday My 11 year old daughter came home and said, " you would be so proud of me!,  I ran the presidents mile today in PE in 8 minutes and 45 secs! "  I said wow Madison!  Thats faster than I can run!   Then when we got home she asked for a protien bar, and went outside and did a couple laps around the house, then she rode a mile on my recumbant bike!  I was so happy!  Happy that my kids are seeing what im doing, and that its very important to live a healthy lifestyle! 
Do you workout with your family?  One of the best things you can teach your children is to live a healthy life!  Even just being a good example can make a difference!  Im sure you have heard the expression " Lead by example!",  well you could go one step further, and take your kids to the squat rack!  :)