I was in the gym today working out my legs, when someone came up to me, and asked me how to get abs.. Now this person works out 6 days a week, does cardio, and says he eats every couple hours,, I thought,, thats great!  Many people dont do that, and he is deffinately headed in the right direction.. Abs are really hard to get though.. People think,, well ill do 1,000 crunches a day,, and then ill get abs,, but unfortunately,, thats not how it works..
My response to him was,, diet, and cardio.. This is the really only way to get your abs to pop out.  Unless you are really lean,, most of us have a nice layer of fat just covering up our abs.. And no matter how hard we workout in the gym, or at home,, unless we eat right, and support with cardio and working out, our abs will stay hidden under that nice layer of protection.. :)..
  Cardio time may vary for everyone. We all have different bodytypes, some people respond to weight training well, and some do better with cardio.  If you have gotten to a point where nothing seems to be changing, then its deffinately time to change things up..Our bodies grow custom to the stress we put on it everyday, so if we contiue doing the same program everyday, our bodies say,, ok, im used to this,, im just gonna stay right here.. If you want change, you have to change yourself..
Summer is pretty much here in florida,, these 80-90 degree days have me wanting to be at the pool everyday.. and what i wouldnt give to have nice abs,, but i also know that unless my cardio picks up,, I will not be able to have them. But if you work really hard, and watch what you are eating, and doing enough cardio, and sometimes just pushing past what you think you should do, those abs will come in..
So now that i am loosing weight and getting in shape I have many people ask me what i eat.. Or  I also get asked,, what should i be eating?  It really amazes me that many people really dont know when and what to eat. 
I have been a fan of eating for quite some time.. I enjoy food, the smell the taste. This is probably the reason I have been overweight most my life.  But I have gotten close to being content with eating clean.  That does not mean I never have cheeseburgers, or onion rings, or even chocolate. Because who can live without chocolate?? Not me :).  I have taught myself to eat healthy, and to make better choices.
 Here are some of the food choices I make,, because its all about choices :)  First, before I make a long list of the food I eat, I want to tell you that I do eat every three hours. Doing this keeps your metabloism red hot, and also helps run your body efficiently. 
 Breakfast choices for me
Ezekiel bread w pb
protien shake
cereal,  Kashi, cheios, fiber one
protien bar
alternative bagel w pb

salads, loaded w vegs, light dressing
Dressings I use include Walden Farms vinegrette, Kens light vidaia onion, light ranch
sandwich on arnold protien bread
I use boars head meat to limit process junk,,
chicken and vegs
sometimes sweet potato
brown rice
steak n vegs
wraps, mainly lower carb ones
ground turkey w mixed vegs
ground buffalo w mixed vegs
broccoli, green beans

chicken n vegs
steak n vegs
salad w lean protien
baked ziti (on occasion) whole wheat pasta, marinara
ground turkey w vegs

protien shakes
protien bars
greek yogurt, sometimes w granola
fruit, apples grapes, pinneapple, strawberries, blueberries
apple and pb
rice cakes w pb n banana, or strawberries
ezekiel bread w pb
boiled eggs

These are just are just the foods off the top of my head.  I hope I have helpped you get some new ideas about what to eat. For me it is easier to eat mostly the same food, because the more i get off tract, the harder it is to know what i putting in my mouth.  Keeping tract of how much and what you put in your body is very important, especially when wanting to loose fat.  Nobody said loosing weight is easy, but having knowlege behind you deffinately helps :). 
I would like to know some of your favorite foods, or some of the staples in your pantry,, There are many alteratives out there for some of your favorite foods,, and some of them arent too aweful bad!
Good luck with your eating :)  Let me know If I can help, I know for me it can be a constant struggle!!