I walk into the ymca today, and they have a table up front,, free bodyfat analysis. Of course, I fall for it and have mine done.  Needless to say I did not like the results.. This got me thinking,,, why do I need to know this, and how accurate are these numbers?
There are many differnt ways to measure body fat, but not all are accurate. There are scales ( which i own one) and fat calipers, and handheld machines that use waves,oh,, and the one where you go underwater,, which is said to be the most accurate... So why do we need to know how much fat is on our fame anyways?? Shouldnt we be able to tell how we look and feel about ourselves, as to if we should be working harder in the gym and eating better? 
I think unless you are competing in a fitness or figure contest, that you should not focus on numbers..You should not focus on weight. What you should focus on is how your clothes fit, how you feel about yourself.. How your workouts are progresing.  Of course we all want results, but who better knows our bodies, than ourselves.  And if you dont,,,, take the time to listen to your body...
If you want to know your bodyfat, use it as an average, or as a guide to know if you are working hard enough or if you should kick it up a notch...

The temp read 107 on the sign down the road today! Its almost too hot to go swimming. I mean I love the heat, bc there is always a pool close, but it is really hot today. 
  I havnt been able to run in the morning when I usually do, bc it is super hot! Sometimes the humidity makes it hard to breath.  I am opting to swim at night.  I have been doing laps in the neighbors pool,,, and it is kicking my butt!!  But I am not complaining, bc at least I am not drenched with sweat!! 
To everyone who works out outside,, please make sure you drink plenty of fluids! And try and keep your workouts early morning, or later in the day. Even us floridians, are not  used to this crazy heat!! If the outdoors are not an option, take your workouts inside.. Try something new,, buy a workout video,, see if you can get through a whole workout,,  If you are not used to a routine,, this could be chanllanging, and maybe even fun!!
Just make sure you listen to your body, and keep hydrated.. It will not do your body any good if you are passed out on the ground with heat stroke!! 
Cya at the pool!! :)
So, its that time of the year again. The kids are just about through with school. The heat and humidity has finally arrived.  What does this mean for us?  CHANGE!!! Change in schedule, change in flexibility.
This morning I made it to they gym at the usual time. Things started out normal, then,,, BOOM,, the people started coming in. People that arent normally there. People doing the fit club, young kids that are not in class, and of course all the regulars. This can make for a aggrevating workout.  If you are used to getting in to the gym early, and being able to use the machines you need without waiting, and then going to having to work around everyone, it can get quite frustrating. 
Have a plan.  So now the flow of people in the gym has changed, you might have to have a backup plan.  Number one.... Be flexible.  If you have your workout all planned out one way, and the machine you might need is taken, move on to the next excercise.  flexibility is a must when working out in a busy gym.  Change... change your routine so you can get in and out quick, Maybe use some of the machines that dont get used much.. or maybe use bodyweight excercises, such as pushups and pullups,, You can do these just about anywhere. 
Childcare,,, thank goodnes for childcare!! I have 3 kids, who are not quite old enough to workout in the gym yet.  What do I do with them while I am working out?  Most gyms have childcare, and if they dont, get up early, before the kids are up, and get your workout in.  There should be no excuses for not being able to workout in the summmer. After all, this is probably when we need it the most. 
Another thing you can do is to find out when the rush wears off. There are still certain times of the day that will be slow. 
Summer will be over before we know it, so enjoy it while its here. Get to the beach, visit your local parks. Do some walking / running / biking. Stay active, drink lots of water.  Keep fitness important to