Saturdays are quite different at the gym. You never know if its going to be packed or empty.  We go to the YMCA, so there is almost alwyas something going on, wether it be sports,, or member appreciation, or many other organized events.  Today was one of those days.  They were having a cookout for the members. Free food, waterslide for kids, and just a good time for the family.  The gym part, however was not too busy.  It was filled with a few  regular peeps, and a few couples.
I have noticed in the past week that a lot more couples have been  working out together.  It is so good to see this!  Its great seeing couples working out together, and pushing each other to get in shape. Working out as couples also shows your kids how improtant it is to be healthy, and active.  Its sets a wonderful example!  
My husband and I tried working out together a couple times!  The first time was when he first started working out. I would try helping him, and he didnt like me telling him what to do. So we took a break from working out together and did our own thing. THen we tried again, when we had similar goals. That was really great, we could spot each other, and push each other. But that didnt last forever. My goals changed, and I like to do different things than he would so we werent able to keep working out together. Now that didnt mean we stopped going to the gym together.  We are alwyas there to spot each other, or to help push each other a little further. 
Our kids are almost to the age where they can start working out on their own.  So seeing us workout consistently, and supporting each other is very important. It sets a good example for them, and shows them how important it is to care about your health. 
 Having a healthy family is very important to me. And seeing other couples in the gym working out together is great!   So if you dont workout with your famliy, try and make it a point to!  Keep your family motivated to push each other!  Get healthy, and stay healthy together