So today I went to a local resteraunt to get a huge salad. The owner was sitting down to eat her lunch, she had a salad with grilled chiken, and veggies on it. I said,, Ill have what shes having! As I was waiting for my salad to be made, I talked to her about being healthy, and how hard it is.  She said, Im happy with where I am!  I was quite shocked to hear these words come out of a womans mouth!  As we all know, women are never ( hardly) happy with the way we look, or feel.  We always strive to look better, or to be on top! Now this woman was no where near overweight , she was actually just right, but i was just shocked to hear the words come out of her mouth.  Then I got to thinking,, I wish I felt more positive on my own self image.  What is it that makes us feel not up to par?  What is it that makes us want to look better, to be thinner, to have the latest trend?  Is it the pressure of the media? I hope it would be for the health results! 
So instead of saying I wish I could lose weight, I wish my hair were longer. I wish I could run as fast as her. We should focus on ourselfs. And just bettering ourselves as individuals. Be happy with where you are, and strive for better. But dont dwell on the negative. We are all beautiful! And we should be happy with where we are!
So I was shopping at Wal-Mart today, and I was picking up some vitamins for my kids. While in that section, I walked past the protien bars, and came across a protien brownie made by MetRx.  I though how good could it be?  Well let me tell you,, It was sooo good!  Now im sure its not a good idea to have one of these every day, but if you feel like you need something sweet, try it out! I know I am always looking for things to curb the sweet cravings. Just dont go too far! A brownie a day is not the best thing while trying to lean out! :)