So tomorrow is Halloween, and ive already been to two fall festivals. You know what that means?  CANDY!! And lots of it.. Tempation is everywhere, and I say if its not in front of you, then you have no choice. But with it being Haloween, and the fact that I have 3 kids who love Haloween, its a little hard to keep the candy away..
    My downfall is chocolate,, especially chocolate with peanut butter.. So I have to admit I have had quite a few peanut butter mms.  Soooo Bad!! But heres the thing. I have heard this saying,, " everything in moderation". Is this true for chocolate too?  I sure hope so..
  In reality, we will have temptations throughout our whole life, weather it be food or other. We have to make the decison, is it worth it?? Am I gonna run an extra mile or two to burn off that chocolate I ate.. I feel it is ok to give in on ocassion, but it is often hard to keep it at that.. My advice would be to stay away from whatever temps you, that might mean throwing away some chocolate, to keep you from having to run the 20 miles it might take to get it back off your thighs .. Or you could pass your candy on to someone who might need it more than yourself.. Health, and feeling good is soo worth passing on the candy..
  Have a great Halloween!! And dont eat too much candy, or you Ill be seeing you in the gym!!
Ok, so I was in the gym the other night, getting ready to do some abs on the cable crossover and this aweful smell came over me.. I looked around to see what it possibly be, and there were 2 people a couple feet away. I thought to myself there is no way,, I had to move to a different station to get away from the smell, I just couldnt stand it..
  I know when you are working out hard you should be sweating and that might cause you to stink, but if you are putting off a smell that others can smell it is time to do something..  Please be considerate of others..For instance, when I run before I weight train, I will bring an extra shirt to wear, because I am usually drenched with sweat when i am done running.
  The gym is the perfect place to be sweaty, but please do it consideratably. One should not be able to smell stink coming off the body,, that is just gross!!

    There are so many benefits from weight training for women.Weight loss can be put on the top of the list for adding weight training to your routine.  Many women focus on cardio as their choice of fat loss, and this is great! because cardio is needed to burn fat. But should this be done alone?  Did you know 1 pound of muscle can burn around 35 more calories per day! Thats incredible!! I dont know about you, but I love to eat, so the more muscle I have the better!! 
    But will women get bulky lifting heavy weights?? This seems to be a big issue for women. Who wants to look like a man?. Weight training will give women long lean muscles,which will burn fat, and give us a leaner look. Dont worry about bulking, it will take a lot more than lifting heavy weights to add that kind of muslce to a womans physique..
    Weight training, and cardio can be the best combination for loosing fat, becoming stronger, and looking great! Dont be afraid to lift heavy! Women can be strong and still look beautiful! 
    Another great benefit of ;weight training for women is that bone density can be increased by up to 13% within 6 months! This can help in the defense against osteoporosis.. Who wants to have brittle bones? Not me! 
   So add some weights to your routine, There are too many reasons not too!!

I opened the door today to a nice suprise. Its actually cooler out! I have gotten so acustomed to the warm weather, this is a nice change. With the cooler weather it brings us to want to go outdoors more. This means we can walk outside without sweating right away! So why dont you take some of your workouts outside! There are so many things we can do outside!.
Write and let me know what some of your favorite activites to do outside are...
Here are a few of mine..
   Biking, running (new to me ), hiking,
Now dont limit your self, there are all kinds of things we can do outside to stay active, even yardwork!! Just go out and keep moving!
    So i realized I havnt blogged in 3 days.. Where did the time go? Does the fact that I have 3 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, a house, and other things to do matter.  You would think it would. It would be so easy to just say,, hm.. I dont have time for this. My kids are more important, or, Maybe I have to go to the store. How bout, im too tired for this, or I would rather go home and relax.. Well I say that is the totally wrong attitude to have.. This is your health we are talking about. If you find no time for your health, you will be soon regreting it.
  So how do we balance home life and gym life. It can be hard, but it can be done.. Many people who work can come up with oodles of excuses. Most people are given a lunch break of 30 min to an hour.. Does it really take that long to eat? If so this might be part of the problem of not being healthy :).. It does not take hours a day to work out, or eat healthy.. Pre planning your food choices, or preplanning your workouts can save you a lot of time.. What might be the harder part of it could be finding the motivation.. So I say buckle down,  and just do it. You will see results sooner than you think, wether it be weight loss, or a positive atitude, or even having more energy.. You just have to make the time for yourself.. 
  SO in conclusioin,, YOU HAVE TIME FOR THIS!! NO EXCUSES!!
The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow.  This area of pain divides the champion from someone who is not a champion. Thats what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say theyll go through the pain no matter what happens..   Aronld Schwarzenegger
Why does one decide to eat healthy, or workout.. There are many reasons to put effort into making your body better.. But the most important reason should be health.   Recently I noticed one individual stepping on the scale, and just standing there waiting for it to change.. Im thinking,, ok,, its not gonna stop where you want it to.. So I tell this person,, you really shouldn't weigh yourself all the time.. You should be here for more than weight loss, you should be here to get healthy.. She kinda put me off, but the next day, there she was ,, back on the scale,, waiting for it to go down.. I said to her again,, quit focusing on weight, just come in here, do your workouts, and focus on getting healthy,, then the weight will come down..
   Why is it we are stuck on how much we might weigh, or how we look. We should be stuck on how we feel, and staying healthy for our kids and our family. I know too many people who have not taken the time to look at what they put in their bodies, and who take no time to even walk around the block. These people have a different quality of life than those who do take the time. I think its highly important to worry about where you will be physically in 5-10 years. Especially those with kids, we should plan on being there for them no matter what. So instead of worrying about the outside appearance, worry about the inside, and your body will thank you by making you feel and look better.. Remember this next time you step on the scale :).

 Well monday has come and left. Now on toward the rest of the week. I am sitting at my computer, wondering whats in store for the rest of the week. I have been reassesing my personal goals the past few days, and I still dont have them ironed out.  I have come so far already, Im not quite sure where to go from here.. I have a weight goal stuck in my head, which can be a bad thing. I have to get past the fact that weight is not important..
    So I started a new program this week, to add more muscle to my frame.. I have been cutting away the fat, and now I feel smaller, which in turn is true, but my muscles need to grow.. Cardio will be switched up, by doing longer sets of cardio on non weight days, and HIIT on weight training days.. Oh how I have missed HIIT (NOT!!).. Ask me what HIIT is...... well its cardio where you leave drenched, and ready to hit the floor,, but oh so good to your body!! YEAH!!! So these are my plans for the next few weeks.. Do you have youre Plans set out?? I hope so.. Its not as productive going to the gym not knowing what you are going to do. Get in, and get it done!! Thats wha

So Sunday is meant to be a day of rest. I always try and take a break from working out on Sunday. Your body needs at least a day of rest to recover from your workouts during the week.. This will help you be able to push yourself harder during the week. Muscles can be overtrained, which can in turn result in results to be slowed down.. So enjoy a day or two off, your body will thank you!
So, you have made it this far. Thats wonderful!  SOmething has brought you to want to change your life. We all start somewhere. We all have reasons for wanting to change our lives, whether it be to fit into that old pair of jeans, or maybe to get healthier,, or maybe it is to compete in something.  Any reason is good enough to get started. This is what i would like you to do. I would like you to post your reasons for wanting to change your life. I would like to see how many differnt reasons there might be.. I will start with the reason i have decided to get into shape myself..

I have wanted to be in shape as long as i can remember. I started lifting weights when i was probably 17 or 18. I started lifting as a stress relieve. When i got mad i would pick up some dumbells and work out. I joined Too Your Health, and started exploring weight training more. Then in the midst of all that I was married and had my first child. With this came lots of weight.. I dont think it was until Ihad my second child, that I did anything to get the weight off. I decided to get my personal trainers license, from there somehow I ended up teaching aerobics and a womens fitness studio. I loved my job!! I got paid to get fit!!  Then,,, SURPRISE !! Child number 3.. Now I am a stay at home mom, and I had to find something for me to do. As I love the fitness industry, I have put much effort into getting into the best shape of my life..Now I would love to help others reach their goals also..