Today after curch I take the kids to sonic. Its become quite the habit, since I get my diet coke there ( which i have done much better on i might add! )  So today I actually order a cheesburger and onion rings. And of course it tasted good!  But not feeling good sitting on the tummy!  Not sick,, but just like a big blob in my stomach!   Im not feeling bad for eating it,, because overall I eat well!  But still goes to show you how fatty food just make you feel blahhhhh!!!

So I need to sit down and come up with some goals for myself. I make it to the gym everyday and hit is hard * (minus one day a week off) And my body is constantly changing for the better, but where am I headed? What are my goals?  Is being hot good enough?  Im not quite sure.  I would love for people to come up to me more and ask for help... Which actually they have been,,, so maybe i am accomplishing something!  I want to let people know that being fit is not a JOB! Its a journey, which can be enjoyed! Unless you enjoy cheeseburges every day! LOL

So off to vaccuming, and dusting, then hauling my oldest to church tonight!   gotta keep moving! have a fabulous day!

I love chocolate! Yes I admit it! I really dont know anyone who doesnt. Sometimes it gets hard to pass that chocolate bar, or ice cream.  But we can!  The key is to find something that is not full of sugar, or calories!   I LOVE Vitatops!  VItatops are like muffins. They make a chocolate one that I cannot resist!  They only have 90 cals, 2g fat, 7 net carbs, and no sugar!  WOW!! I can have chocolate without feeling bad!  Next time you walk by the ice cream at the store, walk past and find the Vitatops!  Your body will thank you later :)