So Christmas is in 3 days. Is everyone ready? I cant say that I am. There are so many things to plan for. Did I get enough food for everyone, did I buy everyone i needed to a gift? What am I forgetting??
  There is so much to plan for during this time. We have to learn to budget our time. People are pulling us from every angle. SO many parties, so much cleaning and cooking. But where does fitness and nutrition come in? I was watching the Biggest Looser special tonight, and one of the contestants said " Be Prepared ". I thought ,, he is soooo right. If we are not prepared, we are setting ourselves up for failure.
  You might ask, " Be prepared for what?".  Be prepared to get your workouts in. Be prepared to eat well.  Dont go to a party hungry knowing there will be so many tempations. You can eat before you go, or bring something healthy to share with everyone.  If you are prepared to succeed, there is no room for failure. If you are prepared there is no reason you cant reach your goals, even through these rough times. Christmas happens once a year,, be ready. 
  So to everyone,, Have a wonderful Christmas,, and get in your workouts, and eat well, your body will thank you for it..
 Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I'm Don Tucker, and I have been a pesonal trainer for 20 years.
   I have trained bull riders, jockeys, tennis players, as well as ordinary women who wanted to loose weight, and men who wanted to put on muscle.
   The average person who walks into the gym without a plna, going from free weight, to machines and then the treadmill, watching and taking advice from other newbies, think because they tired themselves out, they had a great workout.
  Yet you will notice I said, " I trained people. "  Training requires much more than going from machine to machine. Training is a 'specific' program to achieve a 'specific' goal.
First you must decide what you goal is if you expect to get results.  For example, to loose weight , the reps and sets of the persons exercise will be completely different for a man as opposed to a woman.
  Records show that 85% of the people who stop going to the gym is because they dont get results.  If you were to decide to play tennis , or golf you first thoughts would be, " I need somone to give me a few lessons".  There is no difference with learning the correct techniques in personal training.

   If you have any questions, my email address is

Stay tuned for more info........Don Tucker
    So Thanksgiving has come and gone. I am sure we have all eaten our share, or more, of turkey, mashed potatoes and pie! So where do we go from here? Christmas is just a few short weeks away. YOu know what that means. Company parties, family get togethers, and family traditions, which may include sugar.  It is oh so hard to get through these holiday times without going overboard.
  So here is the plan. We have 4 weeks until Christmas. This gives you 4 weeks to crunch! And by crunch I mean buckle down, put in a little more effort in the gym, and watch what our fingers might put to our mouths.  Four weeks is really not that long, but it is long enough to make a difference in our appearance, or health. 
  I encourage you to take these four weeks to see how far you can go, to make some goals, and stick to them. Push the envelope, and make a difference. Because when all those temptations come up, you will be in a better place to make the decisioin to not go too overboard. Sure enjoy yourself, but dont give up what you have worked so hard to accomplish.
  LEt me know what your goals are, and how I might be able to help.