With the new year, comes many challenges.  Many of these challenges offer prizes! Yes prizes!! Who doesnt like winnig things?  If you are ready to set goals and win stuff while doing so, email me,, and Ill help get your moving toward your goals!!  Lets make this new year a great one!!
Christmas is less than a week a way, and you know what that means!  NEW YEARS!! This is the time to look at our lives, and see where we have been, and where we should be going! Time to set that new years resolution!  Have you thought about what it is this year!  I know for most of us it entails eating better, and loosing those extra pounds we managed to pick up somewhere.  So where do we begin?  The first thing we should do is set a goal. Goals should be set in stages. We should first set an overall goal, from there we should set little goals that will get us to our major goal.  Sometimes if we focus on a major goal, we might get overwhelmed, and give up..
There are many ways to stay motivated.. Join a support group. Find someone with similar goals, and keep in touch with them often. Push each other to get past sticking points. Keep your workouts fun. Set little goals,, so when you reach them, you can reward yourself with a new outfit, or a day at the spa.  Find a challange.  There are many challanges out there right now that may help you push yourself to the next level. 
Plan ahead!  If you plan to succeed, you are more likely to stay on you program.. If you decide to eat out with friends one day,, know ahead what you will order.. Stick to the plan.
If you are interested in setting a goal for the new year, but are not sure how to get there, email me. I would love to help your acheive your goal!  With the new year comes many new changes!  Let make it a great one!!
Monster, Rock Star, 5 hour energy,, there are so many products out there promising to give us energy, and rock our world..  Do they really work? And are they good for us?  Fist lets talk about what they are made of..
Generally, energy drinks include methylxanthines (including caffeine), vitamin B and herbs. Other common ingredients are guarana, acai, and taurine, plus various forms of ginseng, maltodextrin, carbonated water, inositol, carnitine, creatine, glucuronolactone and ginkgo biloba. Some contain high levels of sugar, and many brands also offer artificially-sweetened 'diet' versions. The central ingredient in most energy drinks is caffeine, the same stimulant found in coffee or tea, often in the form of guarana or yerba mate

The most common ingredient in most energy drink is caffine.  Caffine, herbs, vitamins, and other ingredients promise to improve strength, endureance and mental focus. This is what gets us buying these products. Many of us wake up tired, needing an extra boost of energy, this is probably when we turn to these caffine loaded stimulants.  We look for that extra boost to get us through our workouts, or to help us stay up a little longer.  These products may be helpful for that, but that does not make them good for us. Caffine can be very addictive, and we might get to a point where we rely on caffine or some type of supplement for our workouts, or for getting through the day. 
The best way to make sure we have enough energy to get through a workout, or even just through the day is through proper nutrition.and proper rest.  Our bodies were made to run as an efficient machine, and if we feed it right it will run right.  If it seems you still need an extra push, try an energy drink, but make sure you know what you are taking, and read the instructions, bc often times we overlook the serving size, this could have negative results. 
I signed the kids up for a marathon. They were not too aweful excited to do it, but Im trying to teach them the importance of being healthy, and to keep moving.  I cant stand it when kids just sit in front of the t.v.  So this marathon is set up so they have to walk 25 miles, and keep track of them. Then on Jan 22nd they run the last 1.2 miles together.  They also recieve a tshirt, and a medal..
While I was at the gym today, my yougest girl walked on the treadmill while I was pushing out some leg excercised. She is already done with 2 miles,, 23 more to go.  I hope that all of you with kids show them how important it is to stay active, and eat healthy. If you teach them now, it is more likely to stick with them when they are older.  Now go out and take a walk as a family, and even log it in, so you know what you have done..
After our workout today, my husband and I decided to take a walk at the track. When we got there the parking lot was completely empty.. Where was everyone? Normally this track is busy with people walking, running and playing basketball.. Not today. Hmmm... maybe it had to do with the fact it was 30 degrees waking up this morning.. But should that be a reason to not go for a walk? Or take our scheduled run?  NO!! We ended up passing by a total of 4-5 people,, and they were all bundled up with their hands buried in their pockets,, but they were out,, walking.. Kudos to the ones who keep going, even when its cold :).