Spring break has come and left us. I had a great time with my kids, the beach , Busch Gardens, and just haning out at the pool. But now school starts back monday, and its time to get back to some kind of schedule.  Some people may dread this, but I kinda enjoy having a routine.  My days are mainly the same. Take kids to school, hit the gym, go home, take care of the house, pick kids up, homework, diner, bed.  This is great, bc it keeps me at a constant, and keeps me more focused. 
So where are you at with your goals?  There are not many weeks left of school, which means summer! WHich for me means more days at the pool!  I love to hang out at the pool, but this also means,, am I ready?  Am I ready to have a bikini on in front of everyone? Especially people i might see again :).  The answer is probably no for most of us.. What does this mean?  Get to work!!
 No more slacking, no more excuses, Just do it!!  Dont let sping break, or Easter, or any other holiday, or day off mess with your goals.. Get focused on what you want, and where you want to be. Keep that image in your head, and just do it! 
If you need help getting focused, or motivated, let me know! I would love to see everyone reach their own personal goals, as I know its possible.  Good luck! and Just do it!

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