Change is inevitable,, It is all around us!  Weather, age, moods, just about everything I can think of goes through some type of change.  Some people are scared of change, not knowing what the outcome will be. I was one of those people.  But I have learned that sometimes change is exactly what I needed to grow. 
I have meet a lot of people throught the online world of bodybuilding who are familiar with change!  In bodybuilding , we are continually working to change our body.  Tweak each body part to make it what we want it to be.  In order to do that , change is needed! 
I recently went through 20 weeks of meal plans with Ruben Sandoval ( fit to be in your kitchen)   I knew I needed to change my "diet" to accomplish the change in my body that I wanted. I signed up with Ruben and gave it all I had!  And let me tell you, the changes started to happen.  The changes in my "diet" were not major, I was eating well before, but just the little  adjustments caused my body to react. 
So when you are looking to accomplish a lot in your fitness/health goals, make sure you are making the right changes. 

     Do you workout with your family?  Your Husband or Wife?  Your son? Daugther?  Boyfriend? Girlfriend?  Today I saw a whole family working out together.  No they were not walking on the treadmill, or playing basketball ( which is good!)  they were in the squat rack!  A mother, father, and 2 sons were doing squats together,, One would do a set, then the next, until they all went, and then repeated.  I was really amazed!  Its not often you see a whole family weight training together.  Yeah I see the occasional Father/ son working out,, but the whole family?  not often.
Yesterday My 11 year old daughter came home and said, " you would be so proud of me!,  I ran the presidents mile today in PE in 8 minutes and 45 secs! "  I said wow Madison!  Thats faster than I can run!   Then when we got home she asked for a protien bar, and went outside and did a couple laps around the house, then she rode a mile on my recumbant bike!  I was so happy!  Happy that my kids are seeing what im doing, and that its very important to live a healthy lifestyle! 
Do you workout with your family?  One of the best things you can teach your children is to live a healthy life!  Even just being a good example can make a difference!  Im sure you have heard the expression " Lead by example!",  well you could go one step further, and take your kids to the squat rack!  :) 

The past two weeks I have been kicking it into high gear! I am in week two of my Fit to be in your kitchens food plan.  I am in the process of leaning out,  trying to show off my muscle that I have worked hard for!  The cardio has been fun!   No really!   I have found a buddy to do cardio with, and we keep it fun and entertaining!  It really seems to go by fast! 
The food has been great!  Ruben Sandoval does a great job of keep the food wonderful, and frequent!  I am so motivated to keep pushing forward!  This journey has been great!  And its fa
I met with a trainer today.  A trainer that I chat with at the gym about workouts and supplements.  He helped me write a new program,, one more challenging for me.  I am looking forward to pushing myself a little more.  I work hard in the gym, but there is working hard, and there is working hard in a sense you challenge yourself to do what brings change.  I am ready for change.  As many of you might know,, I love lifting heavy.  I have put on 20 lbs in the past 2.5 years.  Now that doesnt get me down,, but what gets me down is the clothes not fitting.  I am going to be signing up with Rueben Sandoval for some nutrition help.  I have never hired anyone before for training or food,, but I guess there comes a time that we all need helpl... or that extra push.  I am ready! 

So tomorrow starts the new workout,, and God willing,, next week I will be starting my new food plan!  I cant wait! 

A hot pink sports bra and some short black shorts.... This is the first thing I saw as I pulled up to the gym this morning.  The first thing I thought was,,, isnt there a dress code here?  Eaither I am old fashioned, or this girl had way to little fabric on to be working out in public.  Personally I go to the gym to workout,, not to have everyone stare at me,, or make someone drop the weights on themselves for lack of focus. 
The gym, to me,,, is a place to work on yourself, to better yourself mentally and physically.  The gym shoudl be a place everyone can come to and be comfortable, not intimidated by a chick with little to no clothes on.  If you feel the urge to show off your hard work,, take it to the pool, or the beach! 
If you are in need of any nutritional help, check out Fit To Be In Your Kitchen! Ruben Sandoval is a wonderful motivator and excellent chef, who can help you reach your fitness goals!
Hypertrophy (from Greek ὑπέρ "excess" + τροφή "nourishment") is the increase in the volume of an organ or tissue due to the enlargement of its component cells. It should be distinguished from hyperplasia, in which the cells remain approximately the same size but increase in number. Although hypertrophy and hyperplasia are two distinct processes, they frequently occur together, such as in the case of the hormonally-induced proliferation and enlargement of the cells of the uterus during pregnancy.

So what does that have to do when applied to weight training?  I am asked how many reps and set should I be doing?  That all depends on your goals.  One who is interested in fitness, and just being in shape wouldnt neccisarially do heavy weight with low reps.  So in order to decide you need to set a goal. 
Repetitions between 3-8 are used mainly for adding strength.  Repetitions between 8-12 is where Hypertrophy comes in. Training in hypertrophy is where you will see the most results in regards to growth.  So if you are wanting to add muslce, you should train in the 8-12 rep range.  Repetitions between 12-15 are used more for beginers,and those just training to maintain what they might already have. 
Now once you decide what your goals are, You will have to decide what weight you should be lifting.  If training for size, and you are in the 8-12 rep range, when you get to the 10th repetition, and its still easy,then its to light.  You should be struggling to get that last repetiton. If you are, then you are doing it right! 
Whatever you are training for, whether it be size, strength or just health and fitness, make sure you push youself.  The body adapts very quickly to what we throw at it. So if you are looking to chage your body, push it! 
>I was driving home from church today, and looked up to about a dozen vultures flying around. As I looked closer, one of them was actually an Eagle!; It got me thinking.... That really seems like life.; Vultures circling around, looking for the next meal, targeting the weak. But yet among all the meat eaters and the scroungers, there is something Majestic that shines through.

Its sad to see the world full of so many vultures, people who like to bring others down. People who dont care about individuals, only themselves. In the end the Eagle will prevail!; Good will always beat the bad.  Are you and Eagle or a Vulture?; Do you bring people down, or build them up?; Do you fly among vultures, only to overcome them?; Life it too short to prey on the weak, so build up instead of tearing apart!; And watch out for the Eagle, because the Eagle will prevail!
Today after curch I take the kids to sonic. Its become quite the habit, since I get my diet coke there ( which i have done much better on i might add! )  So today I actually order a cheesburger and onion rings. And of course it tasted good!  But not feeling good sitting on the tummy!  Not sick,, but just like a big blob in my stomach!   Im not feeling bad for eating it,, because overall I eat well!  But still goes to show you how fatty food just make you feel blahhhhh!!!

So I need to sit down and come up with some goals for myself. I make it to the gym everyday and hit is hard * (minus one day a week off) And my body is constantly changing for the better, but where am I headed? What are my goals?  Is being hot good enough?  Im not quite sure.  I would love for people to come up to me more and ask for help... Which actually they have been,,, so maybe i am accomplishing something!  I want to let people know that being fit is not a JOB! Its a journey, which can be enjoyed! Unless you enjoy cheeseburges every day! LOL

So off to vaccuming, and dusting, then hauling my oldest to church tonight!   gotta keep moving! have a fabulous day!

I love chocolate! Yes I admit it! I really dont know anyone who doesnt. Sometimes it gets hard to pass that chocolate bar, or ice cream.  But we can!  The key is to find something that is not full of sugar, or calories!   I LOVE Vitatops!  VItatops are like muffins. They make a chocolate one that I cannot resist!  They only have 90 cals, 2g fat, 7 net carbs, and no sugar!  WOW!! I can have chocolate without feeling bad!  Next time you walk by the ice cream at the store, walk past and find the Vitatops!  Your body will thank you later :)