So today I went to a local resteraunt to get a huge salad. The owner was sitting down to eat her lunch, she had a salad with grilled chiken, and veggies on it. I said,, Ill have what shes having! As I was waiting for my salad to be made, I talked to her about being healthy, and how hard it is.  She said, Im happy with where I am!  I was quite shocked to hear these words come out of a womans mouth!  As we all know, women are never ( hardly) happy with the way we look, or feel.  We always strive to look better, or to be on top! Now this woman was no where near overweight , she was actually just right, but i was just shocked to hear the words come out of her mouth.  Then I got to thinking,, I wish I felt more positive on my own self image.  What is it that makes us feel not up to par?  What is it that makes us want to look better, to be thinner, to have the latest trend?  Is it the pressure of the media? I hope it would be for the health results! 
So instead of saying I wish I could lose weight, I wish my hair were longer. I wish I could run as fast as her. We should focus on ourselfs. And just bettering ourselves as individuals. Be happy with where you are, and strive for better. But dont dwell on the negative. We are all beautiful! And we should be happy with where we are!
So I was shopping at Wal-Mart today, and I was picking up some vitamins for my kids. While in that section, I walked past the protien bars, and came across a protien brownie made by MetRx.  I though how good could it be?  Well let me tell you,, It was sooo good!  Now im sure its not a good idea to have one of these every day, but if you feel like you need something sweet, try it out! I know I am always looking for things to curb the sweet cravings. Just dont go too far! A brownie a day is not the best thing while trying to lean out! :)
Saturdays are quite different at the gym. You never know if its going to be packed or empty.  We go to the YMCA, so there is almost alwyas something going on, wether it be sports,, or member appreciation, or many other organized events.  Today was one of those days.  They were having a cookout for the members. Free food, waterslide for kids, and just a good time for the family.  The gym part, however was not too busy.  It was filled with a few  regular peeps, and a few couples.
I have noticed in the past week that a lot more couples have been  working out together.  It is so good to see this!  Its great seeing couples working out together, and pushing each other to get in shape. Working out as couples also shows your kids how improtant it is to be healthy, and active.  Its sets a wonderful example!  
My husband and I tried working out together a couple times!  The first time was when he first started working out. I would try helping him, and he didnt like me telling him what to do. So we took a break from working out together and did our own thing. THen we tried again, when we had similar goals. That was really great, we could spot each other, and push each other. But that didnt last forever. My goals changed, and I like to do different things than he would so we werent able to keep working out together. Now that didnt mean we stopped going to the gym together.  We are alwyas there to spot each other, or to help push each other a little further. 
Our kids are almost to the age where they can start working out on their own.  So seeing us workout consistently, and supporting each other is very important. It sets a good example for them, and shows them how important it is to care about your health. 
 Having a healthy family is very important to me. And seeing other couples in the gym working out together is great!   So if you dont workout with your famliy, try and make it a point to!  Keep your family motivated to push each other!  Get healthy, and stay healthy together
I had a conversation with someone yesterday who told me they hated food.. I can so understand where shes coming from. This individual said if she could just stop eating she would.  I dont know about you, but I would never want to stop eating.  I love food too much!   We have been tought to enjoy food, and not been taught to appreciate what food does for us.  Our relationship with food has been more a pleasure, or comfort thing, when it should be looked at as fuel.  Our bodies run off of fuel, just like our cars. Without the right fuel, our bodies do not run efficiently. 
     So how can we turn this bad relationship in to a good one?  For me its taken time. I do a lot of reading, and I try differnt food all the time.  I am always finding great tasting healthy food. Knowing when and how much to eat is also a very important part of it.  Keeping your body fueled throughout the day is important.  Keeping fuel in your body will keep you metabolism reved up,
Dont give up on food, just change the way you look at it. Eat whole, good quality foods. Try and cut out processed junk.  Eat more frequenty to keep your metabolism runnin hot!   Dont give up on food!  It really is a great thing!!
After a day of eating bbq and corn on th cob, and mac n cheese, my body is rebelling.  I feel like I am super heavy and off lately.. I have notice I have relaxed quite a bit on my eating and my body is telling me about it.. I have learned a lot about my body as I have been working on myself for some time now.. I have told myself that I would not let myself go again. I will not eat myself to being unhealthy and oveweight.I will listen to my body, and know when its time be more strict.   So after eating bbq with the family today, I am ready to watch what i am putting in my mouth. 
Tomorrow I plan on gettimg some cooking done, Pre cooking my meals keeps me acountable for what I put in my body, and helps me stay on track for my goals. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial day. Have fun, Be safe!
I dont know about you, but If i am not prepared to eat healthy, I probably won't. Todays economy is fast paced. And we all know that it is very hard to find fast/ healthy food.  So what i do in order to avoid bad choices is pre cook some of my meals.
I actually just got done cooking about 4 dozen turkey meatballs. I use the recipe posted under recipes,, and they are sooo good. I then put them in individual ziplocks ( about 4oz each bag) and throw them into the frezzer. This way I have a yummy source of lean protien ready at all times.. All you do is throw them in the microwave, and add some brown rice and vegs.. Soooo delish! 
It is so important to be prepared!  Its all to easy to go through a drive through and order something quick.  Although there are some "better choices" now at fast food places now, it is still not the best thing for you.  Being prepared to not fail is key to reaching your goals. Having your food planned out and ready to eat will also give you no excuses to fail. 
I will be adding some recipes that I am looking forward to trying. One being coconut cream pie! YUM!!  Now go do some clean cooking, and be prepared to eat clean!
I pulled up to the gym this morning, at my usual time,, and my parking spot was taken. Now i dont have a special parking spot at the gym just for me,, but I do normally park in the same spot.  Creature of habit,, what can I say. I had a quick warmup on the treadmill, and walked over to the weight room and saw that one of the HUGE mirrors was cracked.. I dont mean a little crack eaither!  Now this could have been bad!  Can you imagine a mirror that size shattering?In our gym the weight rack for dumbells is right in front of the mirrors. I guess what had happend is someone tripped on some weights that were on the floor, while trying to put their dumbells on the rack.  WOW< that could have been bad    Now I know itsnot our job to pick up after everone in the gym. But if you see something out of place in the gym that might potentially hurt someone. Pick it up,, or say something to the staff. 
There are so many people in the gym who do not feel the need to pick up after themselves. Take for instance, today I was in the gym and there was a mother/son working out together. I have not seen them there before. They left about 10 plates on the leg press machine. Now this might seem more of a hassle than a safety issue, but what if someone not very strong wanted to do leg presses, they would have to move 450lbs,just to do the workout they were wanting to do. That doesnt seem fair. 
Having a neat tidy gym is important, please everyone do your share to keep it neat and injury free! 
Recently I have been setting weekly goals towards fitness. It seems i have not been having the progress I have wanted, and I had to make some kind of change.  Setting goals are a great way to become better are what you strive for.  I have done 12 week programs, and also set dates to get to a certain weight, or size. These long term goals, have not seemed to work well for me.. I have decided to set weekly goals, This keeps my focus more on what i am trying to accolmplish.  My goal for last week was to run at least 6 miles.. I have almost reached my goals.. I have 2 miles left, which I might have to ride on my bike to finish it up.  This next week I am going to focus more on my eating.  6-7 meals a day, focusing on protien, and complex carbs.  Also to eat more vegtables.  I never seem to get enough vegtables. 
What are your goals>?  How do you seem to get them accomplished?  Let me konw what works for you  :)
I was walking out of church today, and the guy in front of me had levis on.. The size is right on the tag.. 32x34.. I personally would not wear my jean size on the outside of my pants.. We are so worried about what size we are, and how much we weigh.  Why cant we focus more on our health, and what we feed our bodies?  Our health should be more important than our jean size.  And why are we so eager to tell everyone about losing weight? ( me included,,lol). We should be eager to tell everyone how weve gone all week without eating a greasy burger, or a glass full of sugar! 
So i am going to try harder to focus on my health, instead of my jeans size!  Mabye at some point they will catch up with each other!!