Change is inevitable,, It is all around us!  Weather, age, moods, just about everything I can think of goes through some type of change.  Some people are scared of change, not knowing what the outcome will be. I was one of those people.  But I have learned that sometimes change is exactly what I needed to grow. 
I have meet a lot of people throught the online world of bodybuilding who are familiar with change!  In bodybuilding , we are continually working to change our body.  Tweak each body part to make it what we want it to be.  In order to do that , change is needed! 
I recently went through 20 weeks of meal plans with Ruben Sandoval ( fit to be in your kitchen)   I knew I needed to change my "diet" to accomplish the change in my body that I wanted. I signed up with Ruben and gave it all I had!  And let me tell you, the changes started to happen.  The changes in my "diet" were not major, I was eating well before, but just the little  adjustments caused my body to react. 
So when you are looking to accomplish a lot in your fitness/health goals, make sure you are making the right changes. 

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