Fall is in the air. The weather is not quite cooling down yet, but you can feel it coming. The festivals, and food fests are also on the way. Halloween candy! Ooohh! watch out! There are so many temptations that are thrown right in front of us. So how do we get around these candy corns, and chocolate treats? 
I have learned from experience that we cannot totally avoid our temptations. We cannot skip all the birthday parties, or school fall festivals.  We just need to learn to keep our portions small, and remember how hard we work in the gym. 
Here are a couple tips that might help you get through all those company parties, or fall festivals.
1. Eat before you go to a party. You are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods if you are not hungry.
2. Bring a healthy alternative.  Most of the time you might be required to bring something to share. Bring fruit, or a healthy dip with veggies.
3. Extra Cardio.  Add a couple extra intervals to your cardio session.  Think of the added calories you had at the company party, and keep sweating away :)
4. Skip the punch.  Bring water with you everywhere. THis also keeps you feeling full.
5. Go through the kids candy bags.  Is there really a need for 5 lbs of sugar sitting in your pantry?  Keep their favorites, and dump  or donate the rest.
Sometimes all we need is a little support.  We can all overcome the sweet or salty cravings we all have.  And make sure you dont skip out on any of your workouts :)
So to all of you out there, Happy Workout!

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