So I was looking forward to monday.  The kids start school, all three of them.  More time for me!! YAY!! Well, thats what I thought. 
I started working 12 hours shifts, helping some family doing in home care.  My second day is tomorrow, and then i work monday and tuesday.  Im not complaining, bc I enjoy working,,,,, sometimes ,,, :).  But my plan of going to the gym while the kids were in school has been put back.  Im kinda of sadend by this. I was looking forward to running, and doing more cardio, and eating the way i should.  I was looking forward to having a routine back. Now I have to work even harder to get my gym time in..
I will not let this get in the way of my goals. Sometimes it feels like mountains keep falling in front of us. Weather it be for fitness or other life goals.  WE have to stay strong, and work harder to get past obsticles.  If you want something bad enough, and set your sights high,, there is no way you can fail. 
So dont give up on your goals!! I won't... :)

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