Today is day 3 of my 12 week program. My workouts have been great! Cardio is still not quite where is should be, but at least im doing some. LOL! For those of you who know me,, I dont like cardio. Don't get me wrong,, I love what it does for my body,,, Just not a fan of having to do it.  The begining of the week is always fun. Hoping on the scale to see what kind of damage the weekend brought.  Hopefully not too much.  My weight is still at a standstill, but I see that changing soon.  I thought I would share with you one of my workouts, so you can see an example of what I do at the gym
Week 3 focuses on strength, 5 sets, but lower reps, which calls for heavier weight
My reps are at 5 for each workout, and sets are 6,6,10,10,12
Today was arm day:
Dumbell Lying tri ext  20lbs,20,lbs15lbs,15lbs,15lbs
cable pushdown 80lbd,80lbs,70lbs,70lbs,70lbs
dumbell overhead tri ext.  40lbs,40lbs,35lbs,35lbs,35lbs
barbell curl 65lbs,65lbs,55lbs,55lbs,45lbs
seated db curl 30lbs,30lbs,25lbs,25lbs 25lbs
preacher curl 55lbs,55lbs,45lbs,45lbs
Cardio, So far ive done 30 mins moderate intensity on recumbant bike.  Hoping to add more later. 


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