There is much debate about fat burners. Commercials show people loosing major amounts of fat, they are lean and muscular. Automatically we think, hmm I need some of what they are using.  I dont know about you, but i would love to just take a pill and loose fat.  But unfortunately, thats not how it works.
  First you should understand how fat burners work.  There are many different types of fat burners. Some are formulated to help raise our metabolism, which in turn helps us burn more calories. Some are made to help block the amount of fat or carbohydrates we may intake. Some fat burners are made to supress your appetite, which of course,, if we eat less we should loose weight. 
  Fat burners can be an effective way to kickstart fat loss. But before you run to the store and grab some off the shelf, do some research. Hydroxycutt has had much hype lately, and was recalled from the shelves. As anything, if used the wrong way you can have a bad reaction.  With any supplement you should read the labels, and know the positive and negative sides to taking a stimulant. 
  The best thing to do to loose fat is to be aware of everything you take into your body. Cardio is also  a definate must in combating fat loss.  The right  combination of cardio and healthy eating will shed the fat right off your body. If You still think you need the extra kick, try a fat burner.  They can be effective if used correctly, but do not rely on them to do all the work.  If you need any additonal ideas to kickstart your fatloss, contact me. I would love to help you shed the fat! Summer will be here before we know it. It was 75 degrees today! yea!!

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