Really!  Five fall festivals?  I remeber as a kid going to the festival at school.. It was fun! Dressing up, searching for hidden stuff in the hay, getting lots of candy!  Mmmmm CANDY!  SO what in the world will i do with the huge amount of candy my kids are about to haul home?  I surely cant let them eat it all!  And if you know me,, I cannot refuse chocolate!  especially chocolate w peanut butter! YUM! 
I have worked extra hard to get to where i am now, and cannot let chocolate overcome!  Do not give in to the calling of sugar!  Sure have a piece of your favorite candy, but limit it.. If you can't seem to stop eating the reeces cups,, get them out of sight!  Give them to your neighbor, or trash them if you have to.. The longer it sits there the more chance you have to eat it.. Just think of all the time on the treadmill you will have to do to burn it off!  I am deffinately not wanting to add more cardio to my weekly routine,, Moderation is key! 
So have fun this haloween, but be good! Dont sabatoge all of your hard work you have put in already..

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