The temp read 107 on the sign down the road today! Its almost too hot to go swimming. I mean I love the heat, bc there is always a pool close, but it is really hot today. 
  I havnt been able to run in the morning when I usually do, bc it is super hot! Sometimes the humidity makes it hard to breath.  I am opting to swim at night.  I have been doing laps in the neighbors pool,,, and it is kicking my butt!!  But I am not complaining, bc at least I am not drenched with sweat!! 
To everyone who works out outside,, please make sure you drink plenty of fluids! And try and keep your workouts early morning, or later in the day. Even us floridians, are not  used to this crazy heat!! If the outdoors are not an option, take your workouts inside.. Try something new,, buy a workout video,, see if you can get through a whole workout,,  If you are not used to a routine,, this could be chanllanging, and maybe even fun!!
Just make sure you listen to your body, and keep hydrated.. It will not do your body any good if you are passed out on the ground with heat stroke!! 
Cya at the pool!! :)

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