I had a conversation with someone yesterday who told me they hated food.. I can so understand where shes coming from. This individual said if she could just stop eating she would.  I dont know about you, but I would never want to stop eating.  I love food too much!   We have been tought to enjoy food, and not been taught to appreciate what food does for us.  Our relationship with food has been more a pleasure, or comfort thing, when it should be looked at as fuel.  Our bodies run off of fuel, just like our cars. Without the right fuel, our bodies do not run efficiently. 
     So how can we turn this bad relationship in to a good one?  For me its taken time. I do a lot of reading, and I try differnt food all the time.  I am always finding great tasting healthy food. Knowing when and how much to eat is also a very important part of it.  Keeping your body fueled throughout the day is important.  Keeping fuel in your body will keep you metabolism reved up,
Dont give up on food, just change the way you look at it. Eat whole, good quality foods. Try and cut out processed junk.  Eat more frequenty to keep your metabolism runnin hot!   Dont give up on food!  It really is a great thing!!

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