Well its finally that time of year. The time of year we are running around. Straying from our everyday schedule. The time of year that food is all around. And not just any food. Food made only at special occasions, that we cannot resist.. The turkey, mash potatoes, rolls,  pie. You name it, it will probably be there.  This should be a time to enjoy yourself. But should we enjoy all the food, or pass it by.

    You have hopefully worked all year to better your health and physique. And now the tempations are endless. And for what, one day of being with friends and family. Does temptation outweigh your hard work?  There really is a simple solution.  Skip Thanksgivig..  NO just kidding :).  But there really is a soultion. Im sure you have heard this word before. MODERATION! Yep. thats the word.  What is moderation? I take it as just a little is good, and too much can be really bad.
  So when you sit down with your family and friends this Thanksgiving, be sure to enjoy yourself, and eat what is yummy. But just remember all the hard work you have put into yourself, and dont go overboard. You will regret it come monday, or whenever you set foot back into the gym. 
  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
11/24/2009 11:31:37 am

Gosh I wish we could skip Thanksgiving too-lol I love the getting together p a


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