So tomorrow is Halloween, and ive already been to two fall festivals. You know what that means?  CANDY!! And lots of it.. Tempation is everywhere, and I say if its not in front of you, then you have no choice. But with it being Haloween, and the fact that I have 3 kids who love Haloween, its a little hard to keep the candy away..
    My downfall is chocolate,, especially chocolate with peanut butter.. So I have to admit I have had quite a few peanut butter mms.  Soooo Bad!! But heres the thing. I have heard this saying,, " everything in moderation". Is this true for chocolate too?  I sure hope so..
  In reality, we will have temptations throughout our whole life, weather it be food or other. We have to make the decison, is it worth it?? Am I gonna run an extra mile or two to burn off that chocolate I ate.. I feel it is ok to give in on ocassion, but it is often hard to keep it at that.. My advice would be to stay away from whatever temps you, that might mean throwing away some chocolate, to keep you from having to run the 20 miles it might take to get it back off your thighs .. Or you could pass your candy on to someone who might need it more than yourself.. Health, and feeling good is soo worth passing on the candy..
  Have a great Halloween!! And dont eat too much candy, or you Ill be seeing you in the gym!!
11/3/2009 08:44:46 am

Great post:) I say throw out the leftover candy, even buy it from your kids and pitch it.

britta foster
11/18/2009 08:02:34 am

great idea, I still have cany in the closet, i need to just throw it out. If its not there,, you cant eat it :)


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