Its a holiday weekend! We all know what that means... FOOD!  It seems there are always obsticles placed in front of us,, just testing our strength.. Can I make it through the day without eating that piece of cake, or mac n cheese?  Or am I strong enough to pass on it, and move to the fruit, or salad?  There are obsticles everywhere in life, we just need to find a way around them. 
Prepare,,, If you are prepared to eat healthy, there should be no other excuse. Plan ahead, be ready for your favorite cake to be put right in front of you at the family get together.. Let others be aware of your choice to eat healthy,, this way some of the pressure can be taken off from you trying Aunt Ednas pound cake :).
Go for a walk... After you finish eating with your friends and family, take the dogs for a walk, or the kids for a walk.. :) Stay active, burn off some of the calories you just enjoyed.
Keep your regular eating schedule.  If you are eating every 3-4 hours ( which you should be :) ), Keep to your schedule.  Even if you ate way too much, have your next meal as you usually would, this will keep your metabolism running high and keep your body on schedule..  
Take your workouts outside,, Sometimes gyms will have different hours on holidays.  If this is inconvenient to you, go outside.. Run, bike, walk, do some interval training around the track.. Be creative, and have fun!!
Most of all, have a wonderfult time with your family :).  Happy 4th of July!

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