This is one thing im sure most of us don't get enough of... WATER!!  I know I dont drink near enough.  Water is the most abundant substance in our body, and makes up up to 75 % total body weight.  Not getting enough water in can put us at risk for heart disease,, even death. 
Water is invloved in alomst every bodily function in the body.  From transporting nutrients, and energy, to transporting waste. Water also heps recover from workouts, and contributes to energy storage.  These are just a few examples of what water does... So now heres the question.... Do You Drink Enough Water??
Water should be taken in throughout the day.. It is also to be taken in on a need factor.. Someone who sits at a desk all day, might not need to take in quite enough as an athlete, or someone who worksout a lot. 

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