AS I sit on the leg extension machine waiting for my legs to recover from the last set, I spot a woman holding a DunknDonuts cup.  Now this cup was not filled with water,, it was quite obvious that it was full of coffee,, and im guessing it was loaded with sugar, as most iced coffees are.  I just shook my head in wonder, how can she work out while drinking an ice coffee?  Now Im not putting down ice coffee, or the fact that we all have our downfalls. Im just in awe how you can workout at the same time as you are putting crap in the body.. That would be like me eating a twinkie while walking on the treadmill. Am I right?  Anyways, I gave her the benefit of doubt, and said, hmm its prob sugar free, and in that case it wouldnt be quite as bad. I went on with my workout, and it ended up to be one of my best!  I set a PR today! And I am so ready to keep them coming. 
As I walked slowly out of the gym after a killer leg day, I see the same woman who was inside drinking an iced latte', light up a cigarette.  That totally just blew my mind. I mean not only is she taking in crap while working out, she took 5 steps outside, not only to light up a cigarette.  Now I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to eating, and I have quite the bad habit of drinking diet coke. But shouldnt there be a line drawn to where we stop abusing our bodies?  Did the woman in the gym even accopmlish anything, other than thinking she is helping herself by going throught the motions? Health has nothing to do with going to the gym, it has everything to do with trying to eat the right foods, and excercising enough to notice change. It has nothing to do with telling others how far you walked on the treadmill, but everything to do with seeing how far you can push yourself to acheive a certain goal. 
I hope everyone reading this blog has some type of goal. And I hope you try everything you can to reach that goal. But make sure you do it for the right reasons. Strive for health, take little steps everyday to get closer to your goal. Dont fool yourself by drinking iced lattes at home, only to walk on the treadmill for 30 mins, hoping to burn off the crap you just ate.  And if you have to light up a cigarette, please wait till you leave the parking lot of the gym, because its just not right!
2/14/2011 04:45:34 am

Amazing how people take one step forward and 3 steps back all in the same motion.

7/18/2011 01:17:11 pm

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1/30/2018 03:45:46 am

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