Things are going great, your workouts are improving, your eating is on key, then BOOM, Injury.  WHy? you say. I dont have time for this. Tings were going so well, now what do I do?  You dont want to quit, but you cant contiue in the way you are now. What should you do?
 The best thing to do is to find out the extent of the injury. Is it a pull, or strain, or sprain?  Then you can go from there. I know for those few determined people out there, nothing will keep them down. Especially if you are trying to accomplish something, or working toward a specific goal.  
 I have delt with this recently. My workouts have been awesome, up until the back of my leg started hurting. So I try getting through my workouts in the same way I was, and I realize that would not be the best thing to do.  I pray for my injury to heal quickly, and try my best to work around my pain.  Which means,,, no leg day,,, Now Im not really crying about that, but when it comes to my legs leaning out,, thats not gonna help.  But If I dont take time off for healing, im not gonna be able to push out what I could if I give myself time to completely heal. And I take a chance of hurting myself even more.  Not worth it. 
 So when injurys play a part in your workouts, I would give yourself plenty of repair time, You will be thankful you did when its all better.  Just dont sit on you butt, stay active, and motivatied. One or two weeks of rest will not set off your goals too much. Stay focused and determined to get back on track.

7/11/2012 11:12:07 am

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