Well monday has come and left. Now on toward the rest of the week. I am sitting at my computer, wondering whats in store for the rest of the week. I have been reassesing my personal goals the past few days, and I still dont have them ironed out.  I have come so far already, Im not quite sure where to go from here.. I have a weight goal stuck in my head, which can be a bad thing. I have to get past the fact that weight is not important..
    So I started a new program this week, to add more muscle to my frame.. I have been cutting away the fat, and now I feel smaller, which in turn is true, but my muscles need to grow.. Cardio will be switched up, by doing longer sets of cardio on non weight days, and HIIT on weight training days.. Oh how I have missed HIIT (NOT!!).. Ask me what HIIT is...... well its cardio where you leave drenched, and ready to hit the floor,, but oh so good to your body!! YEAH!!! So these are my plans for the next few weeks.. Do you have youre Plans set out?? I hope so.. Its not as productive going to the gym not knowing what you are going to do. Get in, and get it done!! Thats wha

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