I have decided to go through yet another phase of training! I am soo ready to lean out.. I would love to share some of the things I go through with you!  Today is day one of my leanout phase. Let me tell you,, It is not going to be easy!
Ok, So I have set a goal, which is step one, I have a plan, which is step two. So the final step would be to follow the plan.. Well so far so good!
I had an awesome workout at the gym today!  I have been lifting heavy for the last month and a half, which was probably way to long! Now its time to slim down, and uncover what I have been working so hard to accomplish.  Today I started Interval training,, and let me tell you,, It kicked my butt!  I walked out of the gym drenched!! This is totally not normal for me. Especially since I have been putting cardio off for far too long!
So now it comes down to food!  This is a MAJOR factor for me,, and all of you :).  I have planned out what I should be eating, and the fun part is to stick to it.. High protien, moderate carbs, in the morning, and healthy fats.. Doesnt sound too hard. But for someone who loves to eat,, this could be the hardest part!  Even harder than pumping out all that much needed cardio ! LOL!  But if you have a goal set, and know the way to get there, the work should be a little easier! 
Keep checking back for my progress!  If your lucky I might even post some pics!  And for some of you reading this,, Ill see you in the gym :) 

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