I was sitting at the gym on Friday, listening to a "trainer" talk to two overweight women about food.  I just started shaking my head.  Here were two overweight women who obviously have a strong love for food, and she tells them to watch portion size, and its ok to have a 100 calorie kettle popcorn at night.  Now that might help them lose a little weight, but isn't the point to change your body?  Not to make a smaller version of yourself?  The term skinny fat came to mind here.  Shouldn't we focus on whole healthy foods?  Lean protien, whole grains, and healthy fats?  So where does the kettle corn and the sugar free ice cream sadwiches come in? 
It's just really hard for me to see people grasping for information to help them get fit, and they get told things that they really shouldn't be following.  I think every gym should have a nutritionist on board, being able to teach the basics of nutrition, and what one should eat to be healthy, that also supports fat loss. 
Now, don't get me wrong,, I am glad to see these women intrested in losing weight,,, but im hoping they can shift their focus on getting healthy, and let the weight loss follow.   Just a thought :)..

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