This week is spring break for my kids.. We took a trip to Busch Gardens for 2 days, and had a great time :).. I did lots of walking, and not so much eating.. But I did manage to have a drink.. We stayed at a nice hotel with an awesome pool!  very big, and heated.. The kids had a blast , and i was actually able to sit and chill for a bit.. This chilling also included a tall pina colada, topped with a little blue umbrella and fresh pinneapple.  Now pina coladas arent my favorite, but it wasn bad, and it deffinately did the trick..  So drinking by the pool might be relaxing,, but probably not the best thing to do while sitting in a bikini.. I mean drinking calories doesnt make sense to me.. I would much rather eat my calories.. So I found a recipe for pina coladas in my Hungry Girl recipe book.. So here it is...
Pina Colada Freeze
1 1/2 oz coconut rum
1 1/2 oz sugar free calorie free coconut syrup
1/4 c fat free vanilla ice cream
1 Tbsp canned crushed pinneapple in juice
1 no calorie sweetener
1 cup crushed ice
Place all ingredients in blender and mix till completely blended.
156 calories, 18g carbs, 12g sugar, 2 g protien

 Now I wouldnt have too many of these,, so sip slow :) But enjoy yourself,, there are always way to substitue things, you just have to be creative .. have a great spring break!

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