So, today was a great day for me at the gym. I am on day number 3 of a 12 week program to loose fat, and to tone up.  Today was one of the hardest so far. LEG DAY!  For those of you who train legs, knows that sometimes it can really take the energy out of you.  Overall my workout was great! I even did the dreaded lunges!  Its what happened while I was working out that was kinda funny, but also dangerous.
While doing my last set of Leg press, I look over at an older man on the flat bench. He was holding 135lbs on his chest, and it was not budging.  I tried yelling at some guys close by to help! But their ear plugs were in, and there was no way of getting their attention. So I rack my weight, and run over to this guy and lift the weight off of his chest, rack it, and go right back to what I was doing.  I figured it was emarassing enough to have a woman lift weight off of him. 
He then gets up. and goes on about his buisness, and later while i walked past him, he said,, that was emabarassing.. I said, hey,, it happens.  Now I know everyone was talking about what I did, but I did not want to cause a big fuss. I am not really into talking to people in the gym. If I talked to everyone, I would not get a workout in..
 I wanted to write about this, to remind everyone to be careful! Sometimes we get to feeling strong, and we go for the extra rep, or add weight, bc the last set was easy.  Just remember to alway use a spotter!  There was a recent accident at our local gym, where a very experianced power lifter dropped over 500lbs on his face.  This was not a good thing.  He survived, but i can only imagine the pain, and therapy, and many surgerys he has to go through.  Is it really worth it?  If ever in doubt, ask your fellow gym members to give a spot, just in case.  Getting hurt while trying to improve will deffinately set you back. 

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