I dont know about you, but If i am not prepared to eat healthy, I probably won't. Todays economy is fast paced. And we all know that it is very hard to find fast/ healthy food.  So what i do in order to avoid bad choices is pre cook some of my meals.
I actually just got done cooking about 4 dozen turkey meatballs. I use the recipe posted under recipes,, and they are sooo good. I then put them in individual ziplocks ( about 4oz each bag) and throw them into the frezzer. This way I have a yummy source of lean protien ready at all times.. All you do is throw them in the microwave, and add some brown rice and vegs.. Soooo delish! 
It is so important to be prepared!  Its all to easy to go through a drive through and order something quick.  Although there are some "better choices" now at fast food places now, it is still not the best thing for you.  Being prepared to not fail is key to reaching your goals. Having your food planned out and ready to eat will also give you no excuses to fail. 
I will be adding some recipes that I am looking forward to trying. One being coconut cream pie! YUM!!  Now go do some clean cooking, and be prepared to eat clean!
9/27/2012 10:57:18 am

Appreciate your info


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