I posted a recipe using Shirataki noodles.. I was quite nervous about trying this recipe, as I have never tried these type of noodles before.. For those of you not familiar with them,, they are very low carb, low calorie, gelatinous noodles made from elephant yams,,,. Yeah,, weird.. But hey Im game to try new stuff if it means i am cutting calories, and still able to enjoy pasta, or things I might not normally eat too much of, because of its nutrient value..
I made the recipe I posted recently,, alfredo type noodles, w a creamlike sauce.. As soon as I opened the pack of noodles,, I knew it was going to be bad.. OMG, the smell was soo bad.. So i soaked the noodles, like directed, and followed the recipe to a T,, and well,, lets just say they were not eaten,, and lets just say when I set them outside for my cats,, they were not touched..
There are so many products out there, healthier, less calories,, fat free, sugar free,, and on and on.. But I would rather eat less, or a healthier version of the normal.. There are ways to eat healthy without depriving yourself of the NORM.. I think my favorite pasta right now is Barilla plus. Although i dont eat a lot of pasta,, its nice to have on  occasion..
FEEDBACK,,, let me know if you have a favorite health food.. Its good to share in the wealth of health :)

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