For all of us in Florida, Spring break is only a week away.. Many of us have set goal;s to drop a couple pounds, to be swimsuit ready fro srping break.. Well ,,, Did you make it?  I know I am so ready for spring break. I love taking time with the kids, and going to the beach, or hang by the pool.  I have not quite met my weight goal, but I do feel pretty confident in myself. 
Today I think I might go in search of a swim suit.  This is not an easy task!  Not all suits are created equal! It seems suits are made with less fabric than they used to be, which makes for more motivation to actually get into one. I think we are given such a high standard to live up to. Many of us have children, which means we wont be laying on the beach chair all day, we will be up chasing kids. So finding the suit that allows us to run around is quite the challenge. 
If you have not quite made your goals, keep reaching for them.  Summer break will be here before we know it! Keep your cardio up, and your food under control! Keep the image of that bikini in your mind.. That should deffiantely keep you motivated! 

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