For most of us, Spring break is officially here.. I hope you remembered to set your clock back.. I just came in from outside, and its a bit chilly,, My heat is running.. But It is supposed to warm up to the 80s all week.. I have missed the warm weather, and I am glad its finally trying to warm up..
So are you ready for the warm weather?  Are you ready to put that bikini on and take a stroll on the beach?  I hope everyone has been working hard at their goals.. There will always be some type of deadline,, to lose that last 5-10 lbs,, or to tone up for spring break.. Or to look amazing on that summer cruise.. Whatever the goal might be,, just stay focused on bettering yourself everyday.. Staying fit is not a time crunch,, its an everyday challenge..
I hope everyone has a great spring break!  I am taking the kids to Busch Gardens 2 days, and to the beach another.. What is Spring break without the beach?..Cant wait to walk along the beach in my bikini :).. I have worked hard, and im ready to relax, and take in the beauty of nature.  To all of you,, keep working hard, and maybe ill see you at the beach! :)

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