Ok, raise your hand if you like sugar! I mean any type of sugar,, chocolate, candy,, Ice cream.. I dont know of many people who can get by without having, or wanting or craving sugar.  My craving times are right around bedtime,, probably the worst time to eat sugar..  So is there a good time to have a sugar fix???? YES!  And it can actually be benifitial to our training.. YEAH!!
In my last blog I discussed 3 phases of training. Energy, Anabolic, And Growth.  These phases are all crucial to providing acurate nutrition to our bodies.  And The second phase would be the best time to have sugar... Why? why would you workout , and bust your butt in the gym, only to have some gummie bears, or honey, or whatever you might crave?  It all comes down to insulin. 
When you have just completed a strenuous workout, your body is depleted of all glycogen stores. Also your muscles have been broken down, and are in need of nutrients, to help build them back up, better and stronger.  Right after your workout, your body is highly sensitive to insulin, and its effect on the body, however, it diminishes quickly.  So timing your sugar fix is important.
Immediately after your workout is done,, im not talking about the ride home eaither,, I mean when you are walking out the gym,, You should supplement your workout with a source of high glycimic carbs. and protien.  These high glycimic carbs act as a jet, carrying other nutrients directly, and quickly to your depleted muscle, and start to aide in recovery.. If you dont supplement your workouts soon enough, you could actually be doing your body more harm than good. 
Some ideas for post workout meal could be a protien shake with moderate carbs, and a handful of gummy bears.  Honey is also a great way to shoot the nutrients right to your muscle.  Gatoraide, and protien is also a great combination.  My all time fav is a scoop of protein with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.. When I leave the gym, I have my sandwich in one hand, and my protien in the other. I can actually feel my muscles geting the nutrients they need..
So give it a try... Go to the gym, work hard, and curb your sweetooth while doing something productive :). Just make sure you dont over do it.. A whole bag of gummie bears will not make your body recover faster :(..

5/23/2011 04:35:42 pm

Once you want to do it better, you can set your effort to it , and do not think more about the fail. Be confidence to yourself.


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