>I was driving home from church today, and looked up to about a dozen vultures flying around. As I looked closer, one of them was actually an Eagle!; It got me thinking.... That really seems like life.; Vultures circling around, looking for the next meal, targeting the weak. But yet among all the meat eaters and the scroungers, there is something Majestic that shines through.

Its sad to see the world full of so many vultures, people who like to bring others down. People who dont care about individuals, only themselves. In the end the Eagle will prevail!; Good will always beat the bad.  Are you and Eagle or a Vulture?; Do you bring people down, or build them up?; Do you fly among vultures, only to overcome them?; Life it too short to prey on the weak, so build up instead of tearing apart!; And watch out for the Eagle, because the Eagle will prevail!
Amy Godwin
1/20/2012 10:36:01 am

I absolutly love this post. You are one of the eagles you have given me so much confidence in the short time you have been helping me out. I love it and the way I feel. I can not thank you enough. Thank you!!! (you may here that more than once like I said I cant thank you enough!) LOL


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