When do you eat? Maybe breakfast , Lunch and Dinner. Maybe you get a snack or two in during the day.  Do you ever think about when you should eat in regards to working out?
There are certain times you should eat to fully support your work done in the gym.  Three Phases to be exact. The first phase would be the Energy Phase.  This phase takes place right before, and during your workout.  If you think about it,, you need energy to workout.  I know personally if I dont eat a good meal before i workout, I do not have enough energy to get a good workout in. This pre workout meal should consist of protien and carbohydrates.  BCAAs are important during workouts to help replenish the ones used while working out. They will replenish energy stores, and also help later while you muscles are repairing. 
    The second phase of nutrition would be a anabolic phase. Which is 45 mins right after your workout. This is the window you have to replenish what you have drained your body of. Your body is drained of all energy stores at this point, and need to be replaced quickly, to support repair and growth.  The best thing for post workout would be carbohydrates ( simple carbs), and protien. Simple carbs are the best at this time, as the insulin would speed up the path way for nutrients to get where the need to be.  The insuliln kind of acts as a jet, and takes the proper nutrients quickly to where they are needed. 
    The last phase is the growth phase.  This occurs after the anabolic phase all the way until the start of the next workout.  So its important to contiue your day with high quality protien and carbohydrate, because your body will contiue to repair itself, and get ready for the next workout .
     Im sure this might leave you with many questions about what should i eat then.  Just remember to fuel your workouts, to replenish your workouts, and to eat healthy throughout the day, in order to support healing and growth. Im hoping this gave you an idea of some important times you should eat.  My next blog may include more of what you should eat pre and post workouts.. I know we all struggle with finding healthy food for everyday lives,, but it can be done ...
So If I see you in the gym, I will be checking your gym bag for your post workout meal!  You better be prepared!

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