I pulled up to the gym this morning, at my usual time,, and my parking spot was taken. Now i dont have a special parking spot at the gym just for me,, but I do normally park in the same spot.  Creature of habit,, what can I say. I had a quick warmup on the treadmill, and walked over to the weight room and saw that one of the HUGE mirrors was cracked.. I dont mean a little crack eaither!  Now this could have been bad!  Can you imagine a mirror that size shattering?In our gym the weight rack for dumbells is right in front of the mirrors. I guess what had happend is someone tripped on some weights that were on the floor, while trying to put their dumbells on the rack.  WOW< that could have been bad    Now I know itsnot our job to pick up after everone in the gym. But if you see something out of place in the gym that might potentially hurt someone. Pick it up,, or say something to the staff. 
There are so many people in the gym who do not feel the need to pick up after themselves. Take for instance, today I was in the gym and there was a mother/son working out together. I have not seen them there before. They left about 10 plates on the leg press machine. Now this might seem more of a hassle than a safety issue, but what if someone not very strong wanted to do leg presses, they would have to move 450lbs,just to do the workout they were wanting to do. That doesnt seem fair. 
Having a neat tidy gym is important, please everyone do your share to keep it neat and injury free! 

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