We are almost three months into 2010, are you still working on that goal you made for the new year? Or are you like many, who put theirselves on the back burner, in order to work longer hours. I have seen many new members  at the YMCA.  But what i have not seen too much of is consistency.  There are many people who come when they can, or when they feel like it.  Is this really gonna help them reach their goals? .... NO..
Consistency... to keep something up without relapsing.  Where does this come into training?  In order to get results that last, you have to be consistent.  Our food choices, and training choices must be consistent in order to see and keep results. 
Change....different from what it is, or what it would be if left alone.  Why am I bringing up change, if consistancy is key to results?  Im sure you are well aware that our bodies adapt to its environment.  So if we contiue to do the same workout for weks and weeks, our bodies will adapt to that workout, and progress will be stalled. 
Am I confusing you?  First I say consistency, then change,, which one is it?? Wel, to see consistent results, we must consitently change our training, and food.  Because if we want change, we must trick our body into consistently improving. 
What it comes down to, is to change your workouts every 4-6 weeks. Our bodies quickly adapt to the work we put it through, so if we keep doing the same thing, progression will evetually stop. To keep loosing weight, or gaining strength, (whatever your goal might be), push your body past that same old routine. 
If you need help creating a new workout to push your body to the next level I would love to help.. Lets consistenly chage our bodies together!!

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