I am on week 3 of a 12 week lean out program, and my weight has only gone down maybe 2lbs.  Now if that isnt discouraging what is?  I have decided to quit weighing my self as much as I do. After all,, its not about how much you weigh, its how you feel, and how your clothes fit.  I am continuing to struggle on my cardio. Today I was able to get 20 mins on the bike and 7 mins on the rowing machine. I was going to add more, but found my self being exhausted.  So instead, I am going outside to do some yardwork, and play ball with my kids,, which is much better than watching tv! or snacking! 
So to all of you who are scale watchers!!  Join me in tossing the scale!  Listen to your body, and not a stinkin number on a scale! 

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