Recently I have been setting weekly goals towards fitness. It seems i have not been having the progress I have wanted, and I had to make some kind of change.  Setting goals are a great way to become better are what you strive for.  I have done 12 week programs, and also set dates to get to a certain weight, or size. These long term goals, have not seemed to work well for me.. I have decided to set weekly goals, This keeps my focus more on what i am trying to accolmplish.  My goal for last week was to run at least 6 miles.. I have almost reached my goals.. I have 2 miles left, which I might have to ride on my bike to finish it up.  This next week I am going to focus more on my eating.  6-7 meals a day, focusing on protien, and complex carbs.  Also to eat more vegtables.  I never seem to get enough vegtables. 
What are your goals>?  How do you seem to get them accomplished?  Let me konw what works for you  :)

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