So today is the first day of 2010. Has everyone made a resolution yet? I have made mine, and fitness does play a big role.  This is a time to reasses our goals, whether it be physical, or with work, or maybe family. A new year can bring many changes, but you are in charge of your life.
   I would love to hear everyones goals, and let everyone know I am here to support you. Sometimes support is the key to accomplishing your goals.  This year can be great! You are in charge of which way things go, whether it be in the gym, or at work , or maybe just spending more time with family.
   Everyone probably knows by know that fitness is very important to me.  It was funny, the other day I was eating a cheesburger, and someone said to me,, You are eating that? I thought you were a fitness freak?  And I thought, yeah I really should not be eating this. We all have times of weakness, which makes it important to let our goals be known to others.  This way when we go a little of the path, somone can say,, HEY!  what are you doing?

  I would like to hear from you, wheter it be an email, or response to this blog, let me know what you might be going for this year. Make your support symstem strong, so there can be room for little to no error.  Good luck with your goals and remember i am here for you ..Make 2010 one you will never forget!

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