Why does one decide to eat healthy, or workout.. There are many reasons to put effort into making your body better.. But the most important reason should be health.   Recently I noticed one individual stepping on the scale, and just standing there waiting for it to change.. Im thinking,, ok,, its not gonna stop where you want it to.. So I tell this person,, you really shouldn't weigh yourself all the time.. You should be here for more than weight loss, you should be here to get healthy.. She kinda put me off, but the next day, there she was ,, back on the scale,, waiting for it to go down.. I said to her again,, quit focusing on weight, just come in here, do your workouts, and focus on getting healthy,, then the weight will come down..
   Why is it we are stuck on how much we might weigh, or how we look. We should be stuck on how we feel, and staying healthy for our kids and our family. I know too many people who have not taken the time to look at what they put in their bodies, and who take no time to even walk around the block. These people have a different quality of life than those who do take the time. I think its highly important to worry about where you will be physically in 5-10 years. Especially those with kids, we should plan on being there for them no matter what. So instead of worrying about the outside appearance, worry about the inside, and your body will thank you by making you feel and look better.. Remember this next time you step on the scale :).

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