Ok, so I was in the gym the other night, getting ready to do some abs on the cable crossover and this aweful smell came over me.. I looked around to see what it possibly be, and there were 2 people a couple feet away. I thought to myself there is no way,, I had to move to a different station to get away from the smell, I just couldnt stand it..
  I know when you are working out hard you should be sweating and that might cause you to stink, but if you are putting off a smell that others can smell it is time to do something..  Please be considerate of others..For instance, when I run before I weight train, I will bring an extra shirt to wear, because I am usually drenched with sweat when i am done running.
  The gym is the perfect place to be sweaty, but please do it consideratably. One should not be able to smell stink coming off the body,, that is just gross!!
9/25/2012 04:42:06 am

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