I was walking out of church today, and the guy in front of me had levis on.. The size is right on the tag.. 32x34.. I personally would not wear my jean size on the outside of my pants.. We are so worried about what size we are, and how much we weigh.  Why cant we focus more on our health, and what we feed our bodies?  Our health should be more important than our jean size.  And why are we so eager to tell everyone about losing weight? ( me included,,lol). We should be eager to tell everyone how weve gone all week without eating a greasy burger, or a glass full of sugar! 
So i am going to try harder to focus on my health, instead of my jeans size!  Mabye at some point they will catch up with each other!!
9/24/2012 04:21:49 pm

Great info, thanks


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