January is almost over!! I can hardly believe it.. Where has the time gone? I sit back at look at what I have accomplished in this month.. I am happy with where I am, yet still yearn for more.. I think the hardest part about this "journey" is the nutrition behind it.. If you look at the science behind supporting our bodies, its really pretty basic.. So why do we have soooo many choices that work against what we should be eating?  Yeah,, I know,, Its all about convenience.. But is it convenient to be unhealthy or fat?  I dont really think so.. I have really developed a better realtionship with food,, Now I am not saying I dont have the occasional meal that doesnt follow what I am striving for,, but I dont have them on a regular basis.  I am trying my best to teach my kids the importance behing quality food.  Food that is not processed is so much better for you. I am debating wether to put a garden in this year, and the more I think about it,, I might.. Having fresh food right out the back door is obviously a plus :)..
So with all that said, please take a moment to understand what you are eating.. Your body will thank you for it. 

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